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Subgraph Radio

Network Information Exchange

Subgraph Radio is a component of the Graph Protocol Indexer Stack that leverages the capabilities of the Graphcast Network to facilitate the exchange of data among Indexers and other participants about Subgraphs.

Proof Of Indexing (POI)

With Subgraph Radio's POI feature, Indexers gain confidence knowing that their POIs are continually cross-verified against those of other participating Indexers. Should there be a discrepancy in POIs, Subgraph Radio functions as an early warning system, alerting the Indexer within minutes.

Subgraph Upgrade Pre-syncing

This feature provides a way for Subgraph Developers to signal when they plan on releasing a new subgraph version, thereby allowing Indexers to start syncing the subgraph in advance. Subgraph Developers can use the Graphcast CLI to send a message to all Indexers, interested in the given subgraph.

Getting Started

Setting up Subgraph Radio is a straightforward and quick process. Dive into the world of Subgraph Radio and unlock its full potential by reading our detailed documentation and looking our workshops.

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