Our Work
Our expertise as developers and operators in the web3 space equips us to offer unparalleled infrastructure & blockchain data solutions.

Aplication-specific Gossip Network

Graphcast revolutionizes how Indexers interact by facilitating real-time, secure message exchanges on a peer-to-peer (P2P) network, unlocking a new space for network participants coordination.

Graphcast Software Development Kit (SDK)

The Graphcast SDK allows developers to build Radios, which are gossip-powered applications that Indexers can run to serve a given purpose.

There are a number of promising use cases for this technology, including but not limited to:

- Real-time cross-checking of Subgraph data integrity

- Coordination for warp syncing Subgraphs, Substreams, and Firehose data from other Indexers

- Self-reporting on active query analytics

- Self-reporting on indexing analytics

- Self-reporting on stack information

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