Our Expertise

Operating as developers and operators in the web3 space, we are uniquely positioned to offer unmatched insights and services for the next generation of protocols and applications.

Web3 Data Solutions

We are building state-of-the-art automation software and tools for smart data-driven decisions in the web3 space.

Our expertise fuels instruments and resources designed to boost end-users and operators performance with real-time network analytics for The Graph.

  • GraphSeer: The Graph explorer that provides comprehensive insights on Indexers and Subgraph Deployments, paving the way for further improving the performance of network participants.

Protocol Research & Development

We believe in the transformative power of web3. Our R&D team is dedicated to building cutting-edge protocols that shape the future of the decentralized world. We focus on Protocol Economics and Network Operations for The Graph.

  • Protocol Economics: We design and analyze economic incentives to foster participation, network security, and efficient resource allocation.
  • Network Operations: Our team optimizes the different subsystems of web3 protocols to guarantee their functionality, stability, and performance.

Empower Scalable Infrastructure with Kubernetes

Run Your Web3 Indexer with Confidence: Our robust Kubernetes infrastructure provides a secure and scalable foundation for all your indexing needs. Leverage Kubernetes to deploy, manage, and scale your indexer effortlessly.

  • Launchpad: An open-source toolkit or running a Graph Protocol Indexer on Kubernetes. It aims to provide the fastest path to production multi-chain indexing with sane security and performance defaults.
  • GraphOps Indexer: As a web3 operator, we are running our own Indexer using Launchpad.

The Graph Core Development

Our team is at the forefront of driving blockchain innovation at The Graph. This scope includes development and maintenance of Core Network subgraphs, smart contract development, and Graphcast.

  • Graphcast: A decentralized, distributed peer-to-peer communication tool that allows Indexers across The Graph network to exchange information in real time.
  • Subgraphs: A custom API built on blockchain data. Indexers process subgraphs and make them available to be queried by subgraph consumers.
  • Substreams: A cutting-edge indexing technology for developers, with high-performance Rust modules and parallel processing for real-time data streaming.
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