Our Work
Our expertise as developers and operators in the web3 space equips us to offer unparalleled infrastructure & blockchain data solutions.

The Graph Explorer

GraphSeer empowers Query Consumers, Indexers and Delegators to optimize their performance and maximize their impact on the network.

As operators, we built GraphSeer to help protocol participants understand the performance of Indexers and Subgraph Deployments, providing them with information about the state of The Graph, its key operators, and participants.

By Indexers, for Indexers!

Get the full picture of an Indexer looking at allocations, rewards, APRs, query fees, latency and more. This data fuels better network ops, boosts competitiveness, and empowers informed decisions across the board!

You can also explore Subgraph Deployments with insights on query fees, allocations, signaling and staking stats, all in one place.

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