We extract, transform
& serve blockchain data

As web3 builders and operators, we are united by a single mission
to build an uncensorable, equitable and self-sovereign web.

Our Expertise
About Us

Public Data is at the Heart of Our Mission

We thrive on building open data standards & protocols to empower the next wave of institutions and applications.

Our deep involvement in web3 not only broadens our expertise but also enriches our understanding of blockchain technology.

About Us
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Our work

Unleashing the Power of Decentralized Data

We concentrate our efforts on developing advanced tools for web3 consumers and operators. We are also delivering resilient infrastructure that supports growth and scalability for The Graph.

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Indexer Tooling & Infrastructure

We are committed to provide Indexers with a comprehensive suite of tools, support, and educational resources to empower their success in The Graph ecosystem.

Our Work at The Graph
Our expertise

Making Web3 a Better Place

Our advanced, user-centric data solutions provide end-users and operators with the insights they need to make smarter decisions.

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Web3 Data Solutions

We translate complex data into insights, enabling smart data-driven decisions for end-users and operators in the web3 space.

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Research & Development

Our Protocol Research and Development efforts contributes to enhance the mechanisms that drive participant behavior and orchestrate seamless coordination within The Graph.

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Cloud Native & Systems Infrastructure

We are paving the way for more Indexers to reap the benefits of adopting Kubernetes to efficiently scale they multi-chain operations in The Graph.

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Blockchain Development

As Core Developer, we are leading & supporting several development initiatives for The Graph. We contribute on protocol architecture, smart contracts, subgraphs, and Substreams development.

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Our Partners


Trusted partners that we work with to bring our customers the future of the web

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