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Our expertise as developers and operators in the web3 space equips us to offer unparalleled infrastructure & blockchain data solutions.
Kubernetes Launchpad

Deploy, Monitor & Scale your Multi-chain Indexer

Launchpad is an open-source toolkit for running a multi-chain Graph Protocol Indexer on Kubernetes. It aims to provide the fastest path to production multi-chain indexing, with sane security and performance defaults.

Whether you're operating a small single-node cluster or managing up to twenty nodes, Launchpad is tailored to deliver outstanding performance across the board offering the fastest path to production multi-chain indexing with reliable security and performance defaults.

Getting Started

Dive into the world of efficient multi-chain indexing with Launchpad today. Explore our comprehensive Quick Start guide and take the first step towards transforming your data indexing capabilities!

Stay updated with the latest Launchpad developments by joining Launchpad Office Hours every second Tuesday at 5pm UTC on Graph Protocol Discord!

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